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How Can I Get Involved? 

There are lots of ways to get involved in The Detroit Sanctuary Projet, but first things first, Thank YOU! for being interested in being a part of this special team. There are many ways to participate, see which speaks to you and go for it!

Stay in Touch

Sign up to receive The Detroit Sanctuary Newsletter, and give us a like on The Detroit Sanctuary Project Facebook Page. This will keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings and hustlings of the project.

Spreading the Word

We need all the help we can get in spreading the word and letting people know this important project is happening. We have postcards for distribution, and can mail them to you to hand out to friends, groups and congregations that you think might be interested. Please contact us and we can send you some. Also, social media is a powerful tool, if you can share this website or The Detroit Sanctuary Project Facebook Page with your network, it would be greatly apprecaited. Letting people know they can be a part of this exciting event, is a huge gift and help.

Taking (and Emailing) Pictures!

Anyone that has a digital camera (or smart phone), can email the images, and has a willingness to participate is welcome! We will break down the streets of the city by block, and everyone that wants to take pictures as part of this project will adopt a block, or several, and go out to that location and photograph all visible houses of worship in their designated area. They will then email the pictures and corresponding information about the buildings (Address, etc.) they photographed. All images will be credited to the photographer that took them.

June 8th Event Day

The Detroit Sanctuary Project will set up a headquarters for the event day, and will be hosting an greeter booth, an information booth and afternoon picnic for the participants. If you are interested in helping organize this event, take a shift greeting (or informing!), being a team lead, or helping as an extra set of hands, let us know! We are ideally hoping to have a kiosk with a couple computers to help people download their images. If you have technical ability to help with this, and a desire to do so, let us know!

Inputting Data

Once the images are gathered, they will be uploaded to a website with their accompanying information and also entered into a database. If you are interested in helping with some of this back end work, please let us know.

Sponsorship or In-Kind Support

The Detroit Sanctuary Project happens through hard work and the support of generous groups and individuals, including a recent grant from The Pollination Project, a 501(c)3 who are seeding projects that change the world. If you are interested in providing financial or in-kind support, please contact us.