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Can I help take the photographs?

YES! Anyone who wants to! This project welcomes anyone that wants to participate, has access to a smartphone or digital camera and has the ability to email the pictures to

What do I take a picture of?

Any house of worship you see in the area you’ve selected to canvas. Churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, any sanctuary. We ask that you take one image of the front of the building, where the main entrance is, like the examples on the website, and one image of the sign.

What information do I record about the house of worship?

If it is possible to record the name and address of the house of worship and email that with the photograph, that would be great!

How do I become a Detroit Sanctuary photographer? 

Email and let us know!

How do I know where to take pictures? 

Go to the Streets section of the website, and see what streets are available. Email and let us know what streets you want to photograph.

Can I just do one side of the street? 

We would appreciate it if you would please do both sides of the street you adopt. We are making an inventory of the entire City, and it is easier to organize all this information by street, rather than dealing with sides of streets.

What if I don’t want to photograph the entire street? 

That’s fine, just email us what blocks you want to cover (or ended up covering) so we can assign the rest to someone else.

What if the block(s) I chose to photograph don’t have any houses of worship? 

Email and let us know there are no houses of worship in that block/street/zone and we will record that information.

When can I take the photographs?

Whenever you want to, as long as you email them back before June 4th.

Why June 4th? 

We are having a community photography day on Saturday, June 8th.  Everyone will be photographing on that day, and the areas that have not been photographed yet, will hopefully be covered that day.

How much time does this take? 

However much time you want to put into it. You can adopt one block or one hundred, the amount of space you want to cover is up to you.

Can I just start taking pictures now? 

Yes! Please make sure you record what streets and blocks you inventoried. For example, if you inventoried the 8000-8500 blocks of Mack Avenue and took pictures of all the houses of worship there, just let us know exactly that, and email the images in.

How many pictures need to be taken of each house of worship?

At least two. One facing the front of the main entrance of the building. See the examples on homepage of The other image should be of the sign of the house of worship

Is there really a $10,000 gift to a congregation?

Sure is! Stone Restoration Services out of Troy, Michigan is offering a $10,000 natural stone restoration to one congregation. Email for more details.